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“We bought two of the small Chelsea planters in Old Bronze and put them on either side of our front door. We love the fact that we finally found a planter that looks amazing, is a beautiful color that matches our house, and will actually last! We don’t have to worry about it cracking during the winter and the color shouldn’t ever fade. They will be by our door for a very long time!”
Drs. A & J.C., Vancouver, BC

“I bought some of these planters 3 years ago and they have been filled and outdoors ever since. They look the same today as they did when I got them home from the store. Ofr course it helps that I can power wash them!”
Mr. J. Smith, Montreal, Quebec


"A few years ago I purchased a bird bath fountain complete with a solar pump but unfortunately, due to my own ignorance, I forgot to disassemble it and remove the pump in the fall, consequently the pump froze.  Searching on the web I found "Garden Planter Store" who had "Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pumps".  After many a search I found their prices comparable if not significantly less than other locations.  Still being skeptical I forwarded the dimensions of my fountain to Marion at The Garden Planter store and was told that their pump would in fact fit my fountain.  They also assured me that if it did not fit or work to my satisfaction and I sent it back they would refund the full purchase price which to me was a selling feature.  I proceeded with the order and learned later that Marion rec'd. my pump from their warehouse, found it to be not to her satisfaction and had them resend a complete pump system directly to me.  This is what I call REAL customer concern/satisfaction!  Marion did not have to do this.  The warehouse could have sent me an unacceptable unit, waited for my complaint then, in time (like most companies do now a days) tried to rectify the situation but instead, as an indication of their customer satisfaction policy, they insured my product was exactly what was ordered BEFORE it was sent to me.  What a great (concept) company!
What I appreciated most of all was that each and every time I sent a [prior to order] concern to Garden Planter Store, I received a response in less than 24 hours, something you will not find with any other company.  Even after I received my pump, Marion kept in contact with me with legitimate concerns as to my satisfaction with their pump.
For your own peace of mind and satisfaction seriously consider Garden Planter Store for your next purchase.  These people are most accommodating and legitimate.  Reminds me of the olden days when someone's word was gospel and they stood behind their product.  Not enough companies like Garden Planter Store these days....too bad!
Oh, by the way, the pump is fantastic!  Works like a charm and best of all, all the birds are having a great time splashing around in the fountain.  Don't believe me? I'll send you pictures."
Extremely satisfied customer,
L.R.C., Brampton, Ontario

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