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Spectacular Garden Urns


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Bring timeless sophistication to your patio or garden. Shop our lightweight resin garden urns which are large enough for most sizes of plants and shrubs. Garden Urns come in many shapes and designs adding height and color to your home and garden.
Our unique garden urns are fade resistant to summer heat.

Etruscan Garden Urn

Etruscan Garden UrnThe Etruscan Garden Urn is fluted and set on a low pedestal base. This lightweight resin garden urn can be placed on a patio table or garden wall planted with flowers or ferns.It is most elegant when set atop the Ambar 34” Pedestal, With a look that recalls ancient Greece, the Etruscan Urn will bring timeless elegance to your garden décor. The deep upper lip provides sturdiness while lightweight for use inside or out.

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Freda Garden Urn

Freda Garden UrnThe Freda Garden Urn petal motif offers great style on its own. Plant ornamental grasses, everlasting ferns and twig sculptures for various looks – changing with the seasons. Our large all weather garden urns deserve a special place on their own. These are the giants of the garden décor world, used as a focal point to create classic style. On their own with no flowers or plants, unique garden urns create a statement in themselves - the more ornate they are the bigger the statement.

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Leyla Garden Urn

Leyla Garden UrnThe outdoor garden urn is dramatic and the Leyla Urn holds its own for that perfect placement by adding height to your flower plantings in your home and garden. You can create a stunning entranceway or seating area with colorful blooms and upright foliage. Garden décor is made simple with the very attractive Leyla Urn. This urn is lightweight, easy to handle offering an interior lip to reduce the amount of soil required.

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