Solar Fountain

I love the seem of flowing water it appears to produce probably the most tranquil atmosphere. Getting resided mostly in flats or small semi detached houses I've always thought it was simple to setup a fountain in the backyard or perhaps in the backyard.

Recently I moved right into a free-standing house having a garden and that i recognized that to get my fountain going I'd need ten to fifteen meters of electrical cable to achieve where I needed my fountain to become. I immediately started researching other ways to energy my fountain.

Solar Fountain

I rapidly discovered that photo voltaic energy was the answer. This method appeared so apparent which i was kicking myself because of not considering it sooner. The very first advantage was clearly not requiring energy cables running from the house towards the photo voltaic fountain and never requiring to search up half my garden to cover the cables. Worries of the kids digging up the energy cables had been resolved.

Environmentally Friendly

After setting up the photo voltaic fountain I soon began to determine other benefits. I have not been an especially eco conscious person but the truth that Now I have covers to protect both my bbqs in my garden offered me a warm feeling inside. I had been finally doing my bit for that atmosphere.

I seemed to be amazed to determine a decrease in my electrical bill. It has since fueled further renewable power projects during my household.

Does it operate in winter?

The one drawback was that on cloudy days as well as in winter the photo voltaic fountain eliminate correctly. The doubts started to fill my thoughts and digging up my garden once more appeared to become inevitable.

Luckily the addition of the photo voltaic battery reduced the problem. The solar power panels charge battery power which forces the fountain pump and get up. I'm also fortunate to reside in a rustic with mild winters so for the time being my photo voltaic fountain works like a dream throughout the year.