This is a quick guide that describes the various gas and charcoal grills as well as their regular or recommended retail prices: Omega 200 Gas is really a sufficiently small entry-level model. It may serve a household or number of 4 people. It features a one-piece Hammer tone hood, and is available in black. It features a dual control burners and is made from a chrome finish cooking grill. The Omega 200 gas bbq includes a push-button ignition. Regular Cost: £99.99.

Excel 200 Gas includes a more recent, more contemporary design compared to Omega. It is available in gray or silver and is fantastic for small spaces. It arrives with two collapsible side tables and gas bottle holderand is accessorized by having an all-weather cover. Ithas a 1-piece colored hood, along with a dual control burners. The Stand out 200 gas Bbq is created having a porcelain covered cooking grill. Regular Cost: £149.99.

Excel 300 Gas is bigger compared to Stand out 200.

It's fold lower side tablesand is made from a 1-piece colored hood. It holds a dual control burners andhas a porcelain-covered cooking grill. It alsoincludes a side burners and is available in silver or gray colour. Regular Cost: £179.99.

Trooper 2 Burners Gas is available in a conventional eco-friendly, outside colour and wooden trolley. It features a one-piece porcelain hood and is made from two porcelain covered surefire grills. Additionally, it includes stainless writers along with a awesome touch wooden hood handle. Regular Cost: £249.99.

Hunter 3 Burners Gas is fantastic for an outdoor or patio setting, using its eco-friendly colour and hooded outside design which blends with eco-friendly landscape designs. It includes three writers and 2 porcelain covered surefire grills. It has stainless writers and warmth indications. It's also created using a awesome touch wooden handle. Regular Cost: £299.99.

Spectrum 2 Burners and three Burners Flatbed Gas Cooks would be the latest for 2008, which have stainless writers. Their top quality performance comes on the porcelain covered grills. Additionally they include ceramic briquettes to be utilized rather than a lava rocks, and warming shelves. The Spectrum series also offers the most recent technology spark rotary ignition. Regular Cost: 199.99.