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Gardening in Planters, Containers and Garden Urns – Create Excitement in Your Garden Decor


Container gardening is one of the most pleasurable pastimes and is very rewarding with little effort. You get a special feeling of abundance seeing your deck or patio filled to overflowing with plant-packed containers and pots.  Your deck garden is sure to give you a warm feeling and entice you to outdoor living.  Container gardens can provide that link between the indoors and outside area, helping you to transform a deck or patio into another living space - an outdoor living space.


You are given a wonderful palette to express your own ideas and style.  When choosing your pots and planters, think in terms of your own decorating style by using colors, textures, plants and containers. A good way to get a feel for what is your style, just take a look around your own home and don’t be afraid to experiment.  It is very easy to change your container garden if you don’t seem happy with it.  Change the arrangement or replace a plant or two and try something else.  You can always just start over completely.


It is a great idea to keep notes or a garden diary for what works or what was a disappointment and then try something new next year. The garden nursery usually has new plants that they introduce each year – it is fun to include some of them too. 


Container gardens offer an excellent opportunity to learn about color and develop your own sense of design.  Try out new combinations of greenery, flowers and shrubs to see what works best. One idea that a friend of mine tried was cluster of several large containers.  Into this group she included ornamental grasses, hibiscus, licorice plant, verbena and scaevola (fan flower).


Most of all, enjoy your new container garden.


Marion Stewart is an avid gardener.  She loves sitting on her deck surrounded by so many varied flower-packed and herb planted containers. Her continued research has found these spectacular fine quality resin planters and garden containers and offers them in numerous colors, sizes and styles.


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