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Special of the Month, includes Self Watering Kit

Ilaria Planter

Ilaria Planter

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 Copper and Stainless Steel Fountains


We are proud to offer you handcrafted fountains from 100% recycled copper or stainless steel for your home, patio, garden and backyard.


Our Stainless Steel water fountains bring you to a new level of relaxation and
awareness through the peaceful sounds of jumping water .Great for your sun room,
patio or table top. Made of 100% stainless steel, our Fountains won't rust or
corrode.  They are absolutely perfect for meditation gardens or as a focal point for urban
courtyards or patios.  The same water is conveniently and cleanly recycled. Pump is included. They can be used indoors with stainless water basin.
Material: Seamless Stainless Steel. Warranty: 2 year manufacturer limited warranty.


Our Copper fountains are hand crafted from solid copper and welded together to produce beautiful water sculpture that will last a lifetime. You can choose to keep the bright copper finish by applying a polyurethane lacquer to the decorative pan or allow rich verdigris to develop over time. These fountains work with silk plants. In all of our fountains, an 110v outlet is required for the quiet, long-lasting, powerful, adjustable-flow
water pump that is included.

All of our fountains are recirculating and do not need an outside water source.

*Plants and rocks shown are not included. No assembly required! Just add water -plug it in and enjoy relaxing and soothing waterfall sound.

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