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Garden Water Fountains and Bird Baths 

The water feature planters are designed in non-porous polyethylene to hold water. With a broad selection of shapes, depths and sizes, these containers can accommodate a variety of water gardening plants and fish. Some of our planters are also equipped for use with water pumps such as the large Orinoco Bowls.
Create that relaxing retreat, add Grandeur and tranquility to your Home and Garden with our Water Fountains and Bird Baths.

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Ambar Fountain

Ambar FountainGarden fountains are a popular amenity for gardens large and small. The pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of your outdoor areas. The Ambar Fountain comes with its own pump and brass valve –easy to install. They have the look of old world craftsmanship; however, they are lightweight, non-corrosive, durable and long lasting.

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Etruscan Fountain and Wall Mount Planter Set

Etruscan Fountain and Wall Mount Planter SetBring your garden or landscape to life with an outdoor water fountain! An outdoor water fountain is a landscape idea that creates a relaxing, soothing retreat in your own backyard, a tranquil haven to let go of the days' stresses. The Etruscan Fountain comes in two-part set with its own pump and brass valve. It is a half-circle wall-mount planter with shapely rounded sides and prominent grooves that sits below the classic designed fountain. This Planter Set will never crack in winter or fade in summer. The Etruscan is easy to handle and install and can be used as either a fountain or planter.

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Florentine Bird Bath

Florentine Bird BathFlorentine Pedestal Bird Bath

The Florentine Pedestal Bird Bath captures the beauty of an Italian city square. Carvings of garland, flowers, and a lion's head embellish the pedestal base and the rim of the bowl. Radiating grooves cover the exterior of the bowl and the base of the pedestal to add texture to the stone-like finishes. The birdbath bowl is fastened to the pedestal with a twist-on mechanism to make sure it is always secure. Crafted from an extremely resilient weather-resistant resin, this bird bath will never crack in winter or fade in summer, as its durable construction protects it against harsh weather and ultraviolet rays.

You can easily move this birdbath from location to location in your yard, but if you need additional weight, the column of this birdbath may be filled with sand for greater stability.

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Freda Wall Mount Planter

Freda Wall Mount PlanterThe Freda Wall Mount Planter is a perfect match for the Freda Urn. It is a unique way to display your cascading plant collection. The classic appeal of the embossed leaf design is one of our favorites. Place at the front entrance for a dramatic welcome, or bring inside with dried flower arrangement. The deep upper lip provides sturdiness and enhances the overall elegance.

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Ilaria Water Planter

Ilaria Water PlanterThe Ilaria Planter is universal – holes can be easily drilled for potting your favorite plants or left as is for water gardens. The octagon shaped Planter is weather resistant and comes in a variety of styles and colors. The top rims are rolled deep to provide sturdiness and enhance their elegance. These planters will never crack in winter or fade in summer, as they are protected against harsh weather and ultraviolet rays.

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Orinoco Bowl

Orinoco BowlThe Orinoco Bowl can be used as plant container or in the pond for those water garden showings. Perfect for water gardens, our 30" and 40" bowls include a full rubber stopper, as well as a perforated stopper for the purpose of feeding pump cables through the bottom.. This container can be chosen to identify with a garden theme – simplistic, formal or informal. It can sit high on that dividing wall or low in that water feature. Ever wonder how beautiful it would look on the buffet table filled with ice! The horizontal textural lines on the surface of each planter distinguish this collection. Old Bronze and Caviar Black seem to be the best sellers once again.

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