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  Garden Columns, Pedestals and Saucers


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Garden Columns and plant Pedestals provide visual impact, adding height to your home and garden décor. Check out our lightweight garden statuary Pedestals and Saucers. We have many colors and sizes.


Ambar Pedestal

Ambar PedestalThe Ambar Pedestal will add stately elegance and ambience to any indoor or outdoor space. Pedestals make good bases in the garden for plant containers, bird baths or just another matching or complementary garden ornament. We have combined the Ambar Pedestal with the Etruscan Urn to bring your flowers and foliage to eye level where everyone can enjoy them. Columns create a dramatic effect and focal point to any room or courtyard.

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ColumnsOur Columns come in three heights and can be grouped together or used as a single dramatic piece in any garden decor. Create the Italian look with these sturdy and maintenance free stands. They can be stylish and add a vertical dimension to all areas of your home and garden.

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Universal Saucer

Universal SaucerWhile most of our Planters do have matching Saucers our customers prefer and have been ordering the Universal Saucer. On the other hand if you would rather have matching Saucers, please Contact Us for availability and quotation.

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