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Garden Planters Product Info Comparison Chart

·           Manufactured in Colombia and warehoused     Canada and the United States.

·           Garden Planter Store on line distributor.

·           There are over 50 different styles

o       18 colours per style

o       An average of 2-3 sizes per style

o       This means there are over 1800 variations!

·           Planter Material: Polyethylene Resin

o       Lightweight

o       Inexpensive

o       100% recyclable material

o       Same composite as a water bottle

o       Rotational molded

·           Our Planters

o       Large variety of shapes and colours

o       Colour will not fade/chip

§        Colour is added to the resin, it is not painted on

o       Tested at -40degrees Celsius and will not crack

§        Can leave outside 24/7/365

o       10 year + Lifespan

o       Holds moisture in (Soil doesn’t dry out quickly)

o       Stays cooler than other materials

·           Double Walled Planters (Leyla Urns, Orinoco Bowls, Freda Urns, Chelsea Planters, Ellis Planters, Madison planters, and Estate Planters)

o       The double wall acts as a vapor barrier to provide better insulation for the cold winter months.







Colour Fade?

Colour Variety

Additional Notes

Polyethylene Resin


Very Long (10years +)

Extremely Lightweight

No (UVA and UVB resistant)

Many (We have 18 colours and finishes)

Stays cooler and looses moisture slowly. Winter-proof


Expensive (24x24x18 planter = $360)

Long  (5 years +)

Very heavy

(24x24x18 is 400lbs)

Yes, but over time (2-5 years)

Many, but only one finish (concrete)

Won’t be knocked over, insulated, holds moisture, too heavy to move, Winter-proof, will crack



Short (2-3 years)

Moderately Heavy

Yes, and rusts (sometimes seen as a positive)

Low selection (depends on material)

Heats quickly, and looses moisture quickly. Winter-proof. Will Crack


Inexpensive to Very expensive based on manufacturer

Short (1-2 Seasons unless extra care is taken)


No, but discolours due to nutrients leeching through.


Not winter-proof, picks up colour easily, holds moisture, and stays cooler. Leaves stains



Moderate depending on the type of wood used.


Natural finish: yes


Paint: yes, but to a lesser degree.

Natural finish: Wood grains


Paint: Many

Colour/Finish: Regular maintenance required

Can rot, insulated, holds moisture, keeps cool. Will crack.


Depends on Manufacturer – Low to High


Very Light

Depends on Manufacturer – avg 5-7 years

Diverse based on manufacturer

Very similar to Resin however it is a little more brittle than resin planters. 2 year warranty, finish will crack/fade


 “Our Planters are an ultra-light weight, resistant resin. They have a 10 year warranty against freeze cracking and UV fading.”


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