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Create Stunning Container Garden Designs


You certainly have a feeling of great abundance with you see plant-packed containers on your deck, patio or in your garden.  There is nothing like container gardens to link the indoors and outdoors between home and garden.  Today, we all want to see out outdoor space turned into a wonderful new addition to our homes.


After choosing the right planters, pots and containers from a wide range of materials, styles, colors and sizes, the time is right to think about what you are going to put in the planters and where to place them.


You can use your planters, urns and pots in many areas.  Think about where they would be best – to set off your doorway or deck entrance, to hide unsightly utility areas or storage spaces, or to show off the best views on your deck, garden or patio.  You can move your containers around to capture the afternoon shade, provide protection from wind and to avoid those extreme hot spots in summer heat.  Do plan to enjoy those fragrant plants and always have them close to your seating areas, or to brush against next to walkways. A rule of thumb, buy larger planters than you think you may need, small little pots will get lost in the space and never achieve that WOW look in the area.


We know that we need to plant containers properly and of course to water when needed.  Now to get started!  Pick containers that will handle the size of the plants you are considering.  You can contrast large and small containers together for a stunning effect. Annuals and bulbs are very popular choices for pots and planters.


When you are ready to plant, fill the containers to within about three inches from the top and gently firm down the soil. Set the plants you have chosen and place on top of the soil and then step back and visualize how they will look when they fill out and create an overall view.  Containers that will sit next to a wall or fence position the tallest plants at the back of the planter and surround with other plants.  When you have large containers or when they will be seen from all sides, set the tallest plants in the middle and surround with the other plants. 


Once you are pleased with the temporary arrangement, dig out holes with your trowel or your hands and set the plants in place.  Gently firm the soil around each plant.  Be sure to leave three inches from the top of the pot to allow for proper watering.  When planting, a good tip is to make sure that the roots of the plants are very damp or wet before planting.  Then water your container thoroughly when you have completed your arrangement.


Now is the time to move your garden planters and containers to create the overall look that you would like to achieve in the chosen space.  It is always a good idea to keep the sun loving plants together and separate from the shading loving ones.  Don’t make any combination too upright or too sprawly, have a good mix of both – one will enhance the look of the other. 


Mix large containers with the small ones, arrange in groupings.  Place one or two on plant stands to create a focal point in your arrangement.  You may wish to cruise around your neighborhood, go to garden centers or even view the latest magazines to do some creative stealing for more design ideas.


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